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Limor Nirenberg

Limor is a professionally trained make-up artist with over 18 years of experience. She perfected her craft over the years working with notable artists and vendors in the industry. From fashion runways to wedding aisles her experience spans across countless events. Her unique blend of imagination, pragmatism and artistry will give you the perfect look for any occasion. Limor was first exposed to the world of makeup as a competitive dancer in her formative years. This is where she realized that makeup has the power to tell a story through its application. Limor harnessed that excitement and curiosity for story telling leading to a career in makeup and cosmetics where she has been in ever since. Her extensive travels, eclectic interests and attention to detail have helped her create her own style that she shares with her clients. Her outgoing personality and engaging demeanour gives her clients the confidence to share their ideas for their "own" look. Applying make-up is an intimate and personal experience that Limor loves to share. While Limor's artistic passion is Make-Up, she spends her free time staying active (Yoga, Running, Dancing), learning new recipes and taking care of her children which consist of 2 boys, a girl and her fully functional baby husband. Her love of travelling with her family allows her to draw inspiration from all that she sees and experiences. Limor’s gift is being able to see the beauty in everyone and everything and that is what truly makes her an exceptional artist.